About EuroArt Camp

EuroArt Camp is a Youth in Action exchange project on the theme of cultural diversity. Six organisations from 6 EU countries, 30 youngsters are gathering together for 7 days (19 – 26 April 2010) in Campina / Romania, in order to discover and understand different cultures and attitude patterns, develop individual artistic approaches, by the means of photographic art and visual expression.
Participative learning, non-formal education, workshops, outdoor activities, international collaboration, intensive interactive photo sessions, thematic parties, are amongst the methods to be used in the project implementation.

As a result of EuroArt Camp youth exchange, the 30 participants will produce an itinerary photographic exhibition.

A special dissemination program is to complete this very productive and creative youth exchange: a web platform covering the itinerary of the group exhibition throughout the participating countries: Germany, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic, Estonia, and Romania.

EuroArt Camp is to prove that young Europeans can live and work together, regardless of their economic, social, cultural differences, learning from each other, finding common ground and in the mean time cultivating their uniqueness.